Last updated 02/14/95

Theoretical Chemistry

Theoretical Chemistry Sites at Academic Institutions and Commercial Organizations, compiled by (

Due to the special interests at our laboratory, we thought appropiate to have our own collection of theoretical chemistry sites. The list is maintained very amateurish-like, which means: yes, I do use WebCrawler and other tools, but only when I have time; yes, I do include new sites when I know of them, but not from one hour to the next; yes, I do update but not every day.

The main reasons for this page to exist are (a) to provide a convenient site, other than my .bookmarks, for the places sharing our interests and (b) to reduce network jam for the people living here down-south who (strangely) may be interested also in theoretical chemistry and would like to have their life facilitated by someone who already looked for the sites. To all those eventual visitors, please keep that in mind. Now, said that, it may be that someone can find benefitial to let me know about additional sites to include in this list. The ways of doing it are three:

I do not promise to answer the messages but usually I will. If I don't in a reasonable time, just repeat the sending.

Ok, then, here is my present collection. Please note I have tried to order the sites by country, alphabetically. The order will eventually improve with time. If, as it is probable, the theoretical chemistry sites do proliferate I will break down this page into several ones. Enjoy!

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