Internet Chemistry Resources


American Chemical Society Gopher.
The ACS Gopher contains Electronic Supporting Information files (formerly called "Supplementary Material") from Chemical Reviews and the Journal of the American Chemical Society, beginning 1993 (Page images as TIFF with Group 4 fax compression and as GIF files), Copyright Transfer Form (same format), and Instructions for Authors for ACS journals (ASCII file). Among other re sources, there are the ACS Books Catalog, ACS information num bers, and links to other chemistry gophers. URL: gopher:// (Check for new numeric IP address after February 19.)

American Institute of Physics (AIP) Gopher
gopher to

Analytical Chemistry Center, University of Texas, Houston Health Sciences Center.
gopher to and follow the path U.T. Houston- Health Sciences Center Information > Support services > Analyti cal Chemistry Center.

NMR chemical shifts derived from proteins and peptides, reference data, amino acid sequence information and data describing the source of the protein and conditions used to study the protein are given. URL: gopher://

BOING, Bio Oriented INternet Gophers.
Point your gopher client at and follow the path: Search Databases at Hopkins (Vectors, etc....) > Search BOING (Bio Oriented INternet Gophers)

Chemistry at NISS (National Information Services & Systems, U.K.)
URL: gopher://

Chemistry Gopher at Yale.
The Chemistry Gopher at Yale is an excellent example of a resource that leads through Gopherspace for topics such as chemical software, data (numeric and factual) funding information, direc- tories of scientists, etc. URL gopher://

Chemistry Gopher server in Finland.
This server is accessed at path=1/tiede/kemia

gopher and follow the path: Special Interest Groups > Crystallography.

European Synchrotron Radiation Facility.
URL: gopher:// /

Imperial College, London Gopher Server.
Posted here are Quicktime movies, playable on either Macintosh or Microsoft Windows using appropriate software, e.g., TurboGopher for the Macintosh. Point your gopher toward Quicktime movies are also archived on the Gopher+ server argon ( Files which reside in the directory Royal_Society_of_Chemistry/Chemical_Communications/3 02351F are from the Journal of the Chemical Society: Chemical Communications.

Indiana University Chemistry Library Gopher.
gopher and follow the path: Subject Approach to IU Libraries and Internet Resources > Chemistry Library Gopher. Text files of various handouts and user guides to reference tools (e.g. Beilstein) as well as the text files of the Clearinghouse for Chemical Information Instructional Materials are found on this gopher.

Information Retrieval in Chemistry.
To access the information, FTP to: ( at /pub/chemistry. Note that a mirror of this source is at: ( at /go_chem/Index/ChemSites_ac/leon.nrcps.ariadne- One can also gopher to and follow the path Index/ChemSites_ac/ (or search for "leon"). WWW/Mosaic to: and select the entry "Information Retrieval in Chemistry (mirror)."

Institut fuer Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie, Regensburg.
Gopher Besides links to chemis try-related gophers, it contains compilations of some mailing lists which are of interest to theoretical chemists.

Journal of Chemical Education Gopher.
Point your gopher toward The site lists such things as the JCE: Software offerings.

Laboratory Safety.
Point your gopher toward:

Northern Illinois University Chemical Gopher.
gopher to This is an experimental site that includes among other things American Chemical Society Meeting times and sites, Journal submission guidelines, and a "Quan tum Chemistry Acronyms" database. Also available via WWW at: URL:

Rutgers University Department of Chemistry Gopher Server.
gopher to Found here are entries such as "Chemistry Software and Information Archives" and the "Nucleic Acid Database Archive," as well as links to other chemistry software archives and data.

Safety Information Resources on the InterNet (SIRI) Gopher.
gopher to SIRI.UVM.EDU

University of Alabama Crystallographic Gopher.
gopher to

University of California, Davis Chem_Guide.
gopher to This is an interesting site because of the unique menu arrange ment.

University of Genoa Biophysical Institute Labs Gopher.
Point your gopher toward: Also accessible via WWW, it includes a copy of the Protein Data Bank and an archive of free software.

University of Waterloo Library.
gopher to Follow the path Facilities & services > Library > Finding infor mation > Resources by discipline > Chemistry for some interesting entries, e.g., "Doing Research in Chemistry," which has a "Begin ner's Guide to Chemical Abstracts."

U.S. Defense Technical Information Center Information Analysis Center (IAC) Directory.
gopher to and follow the path: DTIC Services > Information Analysis Center (IAC) Directory for a description of the IACs, including High Temperature Materials Information Analy sis Center, Nondestructive Testing Information Analysis Center, Metals Information Analysis Center and others.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Gopher to
Among other items is the EPA National Online Library System (found in the EPA Information Locators path) and Other Environ- mental Gophers (found in the Other Environmental Information path).

U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Scien tific and Technical Information Program Internet Server.
Anonymous ftp service may be found at Gopher service is located on WWW service may be found at URL = homepage.html. For additional information, contact: You will find WAIS access to the NASA RECON database 1990-92, the NASA thesaurus, and SCAN (Selected Current Aerospace Notices). Some SCAN topics: Chemistry and Materials, Life Sciences, Phys ics.

U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology Gopher
gopher to to see descriptions of NIST (formerly, National Bureau of Standards) programs such as the NIST Standard Reference Data

U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences gopher This site includes information on the National Toxicology Program and NIEHS Bibliographies from 1990 on.

U.S. National Institutes of Health.
gopher to

U.S. National Library of Medicine Gopher.
gopher to The NLM gopher contains informa tion about the library and selected reference materials. It also provides access to Locator, NLM's online catalog system and to MEDLARS and TOXNET (for those with access codes).

U.S. National Science Foundation Science & Technology Information System.
telnet and login as: public. Then enter a personal ID up to eight characters. Also accessible via gopher to

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