WWW Chemistry Sites at Commercial Organizations

Advanced Visual Systems
Information on AVS products, which are used for scientific visualization.
Alternate Source Company
Industry Chemical refinery paper manufacturing
AR_Software's Online Internet Catalog
HSC Chemistry for Windows,CAD Crystallography,Kekule,PCModel,Mopac6.0
Beckman Instruments, Inc.
Beilstein Information System
Includes product information, contact addresses, a guest register, and form-based access to the their help desk
Description of their modeling products, and how to contact their sales and support staff
Bruker Analytische Messtechnik GmbH
Calgon Corporation
a producer and supplier of specialty chemicals and a provider of services for water treatment, papermaking, cosmetics, etc.
Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc.
Chemical Abstracts Service
CAS science chemistry databases
ChemTec Publishing
publishing; books journals software polymers blends recycling rheology additives
Ciba-Geigy AG Basel
Dialog Information Services, Inc.
An online source of information on Dialog products, including a searchable list of databases, publications, and an FAQ
Dow Chemical Company
Description of the company and some of their educational outreach programs
DuPont Company, Performance Lubricants
Durability, Inc.
Composite materials mechanical testing data acquisition chemical analysis
Eli Lilly and Company
Elsevier Science B. V.
Fisher Scientific, Internet Catalog
Gelman Sciences, Inc.
microporous membranes microfiltration filtration separation biopharmaceutical environmental chemical
General Electric (GE) Plastics
GE (General Electric) Plastics, a $5 billion worldwide leader in engineering plastics, established this Web page to provide product information, property guides, design guides, process guides, and other information
Hitachi Instruments, Inc.
Hoechst AG Internet Forum
Includes their annual report and press releases
Hypercube, Inc.
a scientific software company that brought you HyperChem
Indigo Instruments
Molecular Models
MDL Informations Systems, Inc.
Currently contains the free version of ISI/DRAW
Mettler-Toledo, Inc.
Currently offers a nice page on Thermal Nanlysis, including product descriptions and a forum on Thermal analysis, which is a unique and herlp
Millipore On-Line Catalog
An online version of the Millipore catalogue
Molecular Simulations, Inc.
chemicals agriculture agricultural plastic drugs pharmaceuticals herbicide
Phoenix Polymers, Inc.
a compounder of proprietary engineering thermoplastics. Includes an excellent list of pointers to polymer resources on the Internet
Plastics Technology Center
full service source for the design, analysis, prototyping, tooling, and production of new products. The PTC specializes in injection molded plastics.
Progressive Products, Inc.
coating epoxy solvent chemical environment
Research Organics
a chemical manufacturer of biochemicals for diagnostics, biochemical research, and biotechnology
The Rohm and Haas Web
Chemistry Chemicals Polymers
Schrödinger, Inc.
Description of the PS-GVB program
Spectrocell, Inc.
cuvettes cells spectroscopy chemistry, a manufacturer of absorption cells for spectrophotometry, colorimetry, and fluorimetry
Chemistry Software Ads
Link to BizWeb
Companies are categorized and listed by the goods or services they provide
IndustryNET : Industry's On-Line Mall
IndustryNET brings you the latest in engineering design, automation, and manufacturing news, including application assistance, new products, demo software, online trade shows, hundreds of tested shareware programs, hundreds of job openings, and used industrial equipment. IndustryNET carries information from nearly 3000 companies, covering over 10,000 products and over 250 manufacturers' stores.