Overview of chemical mailing lists

The following is a list of mailing lists which deal with chemistry. There is a description of each list, how to subscribe and how to use the archives. If you know of any additions, corrections,... please contact me (Kris.Boulez@rug.ac.be).

The whole list (all mailing list descriptions) is quite big (~75 K), so it might be better to look below for one-line descriptions of each mailing list, which are linked to smaller parts of the main list.

AMALGAM -- Amalgam / mercury / health
AMBER -- Amber users discussions
ANALYSIS -- Analytical Sciences
ANNEAL -- Simulated Annealing
APCHEM -- Astrophysical Chemistry
APPLSPEC -- Applied spectroscopy
BIOSCI/BIONET -- Biological Science Groups and Lists
BUCKY -- Fullerene News
C2-L -- Cerius2 Users Discussions
CAChe -- CaChe Users Discussions
CHARMM-BBS -- CHARMM Users Discussions
CHEMCOM -- Discussion of ACS courses
CHEM-COMP -- Computational Chemistry List
CHEMCONF -- CHEMistry CONFerence
CHEME-L -- Chemical Engineering List
CHEMECOL -- Chemical Ecology
CHEMED-L -- Chemical Education
CHEMIC-L -- Chemistry in Israel List
CHEMIND-L -- Chemical Structure Indexing
CHEMISTRY -- Computational Chemistry List
CHEMISTRYTM -- Chemistry Telementoring
CHEM-MOD -- Modeling in Chemistry
CHMINF-L -- Chemical Information Sources
CICOURSE -- Chemical Information Courses on the Internet
CORROS-L -- Corrosion and Degradation
CZE-ITP -- Electrophoresis
DIBUG -- Biosym Users Group
FORENS-L -- Forensic Medicine and Sciences
GA Digest -- Genetic Algorithm List
GA-MOLECULE -- Genetic Algorithms in Chemistry
HIRIS-L -- HIgh Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy
HYDROGEN -- Hydrogen as fuel
HYPERCHEM -- HyperChem Users' Group
ICS-L -- International Chemometric Society
INTERF-L -- Interfacial Phenomena
INTERFACE-L -- Instrument interfacing
METALLURGY-L -- Metallurgical Engineering
MICROSCALE-L -- Microscale Chemistry
MMODINFO -- MacroModel Users Discussion Group
MOLECULAR-DYNAMICS-NEWS -- News in Molecular Dynamics
MXDIAG-L -- Molecular Pathology and Diagnostics
NAPRONET -- Natural Products
Neuron -- Digest of Neural Networks News
ORGCHEM -- Organic Chemistry
ORG-GEOCHEM -- Organic Geochemistry
PHARMACY MAIL EXCHANGE -- Pharmacy Discussions
PMD -- Parallel Molecular Dynamics
POLYMERP -- Polymer Physics
POST -- Postdoc International
PROCESS-L -- Process control
QUANTA-L -- Discussions of Quanta Users
RADCH-L -- Radiochemistry
RES-FORT -- Research Policy in the UK
SAFETY -- Laboratory Safety
STR-NMR -- Structural NMR
SUP-COND -- Superconductivity in Israel
SYBYL -- Discussions of Sybyl Users
SURFACE-L -- Surface science
UCAIR-lib -- Undergraduate Cooperative Access to Information Resources
WATOC -- World Association of Theoretical Chemists
WMCIC-L -- Women in Chemistry in Canada
WSN -- Water Science Network
XPLOR-L -- Discussions of Xplor users
YSN -- Young Scientists' Network