The financial rules of CECAM are the following: 1) As in the past, European participants are generally expected to travel on their own funds. Overseas participants can be awarded a contribution to their travel expenses which in ordinary cases should not exceed 305 euros. The part of the budget dedicated to travel expenses should remain reasonable, and in any case smaller than one third of the total budget. 2) It is expected that at least half of the participants would be affiliated to laboratories from CECAM countries (this is to say countries whose research funding organizations have joined the CECAM convention: France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Greece). It is also expected that at least one of the organizers would be from a Cecam country. 3) Both European and overseas participants are awarded the same per diem. Junior participants should be accommodated preferentially in the dormitory of the Ecole Normale Superieure, which provides single-bed and double-bed rooms at 26.5 and 42 euros respectively. These rooms are quite convenient and could be used by senior people as well. Junior participants who cannot be accommodated in the dormitory and senior participants who do not want to stay there will be lodged in a hotel. The total per diem will consist of a fixed amount of 30 euros for meals, plus the price of the lodging, not exceeding 50 euros per night for people staying in a hotel.